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    Maxiotek Corporation

    We devote ourselves to be a leading fabless IC design company in high speed silicon storage market

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About MAxiotek

We devote ourselves to be a leading fabless IC design company in high speed silicon storage market

Maxiotek provides a variety selection of Solid State Drive (SSD) controllers, covering SATA 6Gb/s and PCI Express SSD controllers. Maxiotek work in close collaboration with SSD module makers and flash memory chip manufactures to provide full product line-up and advanced technology to optimize customer’s productivity.

Maxiotek’s SSD controllers carry years of solid experiences. We put our best focus on providing best-in-class performance, power efficiency, reliability, security and flexible customizations. With these focuses and rich product portfolio, we strive to provide variety of solutions to the diverse and growing markets.

Other than the newer generations of products designed and developed by Maxiotek; we continue to provide customers with current- and past-generation of tried-and-true products for maximum compatibility and flexibility.

Maxiotek is committed to bring the most advanced memory storage controller solutions to lead the high speed silicon storage market forward.

Maxiotek's MK8115 3D-NAND DRAM-less SSD controller
available now!

Maxiotek Corporation, a brand new fabless SSD Controller IC design house announces the release of MK8115, the first ever 3D-NAND-supported DRAM-less SSD controller solution for the growing SSD market that needs a superior performance at a great value. The MK8115 enables customers to design their next generation solid state drives to achieve higher capacity, more competitive performance, higher reliability, and more cost-effective than the current market solutions. MK8115 is your ideal SSD controller option to step into the world of 3D-NAND era, NOW.

3D-NAND is a revolutionary technology versus the 2D-Planar NANDs. It allows for better endurance, reliability, and higher density which will continue to drive the NAND costs down even further.

MK8115・s DRAM-less design provides customers more freedom in their PCB designs to fit more NANDs than a typical DRAM SSD as well as enables more creative SFF (Small Form Factor) designs. It・s DRAM-less design effectively reduces the total BOM count which translates to lower cost. Maxiotek・s proprietary controller architecture paired with its intelligent firmware features such as AgileECC, Virtual Parity Recovery, Data Condenser Engine, etc., pushes DRAM-less SSD performance to a new peak that rivals DRAM-class of SSDs in typical workloads. MK8115 will be your best choice to expand or tap into the consumer, industrial, and/or enterprise SSD market, and now is the right time.

SSD market adoption continues to grow year over year. Maxiotek・s advanced technology, experienced team of engineers, wealth of storage industry know-how, and close relationship with our partners will continuously support the growth of the market.

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